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Colour Psychology for Bar, Hotel and Restaurant Interior Designers Surrey, England, UK

Restaurant Interior Design | Colour Psychology |

“We eat with our eyes”; therefore COLOUR becomes a critical aspect of every successful restaurant interior design.

The language of colour is communicated far quicker to the brain than shapes or words. In restaurant interior design and the food industry as a whole, the psychological properties of the colour red are known to stimulate, excite and is closely related to passion and energy. Red enhances the appetite. When we see red, we get an energy boost. Similarly, this happens when we are ready to eat, our nerve impulses become heightened and our heart rate increases. In medical terms, neurons fire up in the hypothalamus part of the brain. It is not surprising that significant big brands understand the consequence of colour. Some large corporations even trademark their brand colours, which proves that the power of colour plays a dominant and vital role in brand identity.

Red is undoubtedly the single most effective colour used in restaurant interior design and within the food industry worldwide. Some of the most successful multinational food corporations, fast-food chains and restaurants will have the colour red in either their logo, branding or restaurant interiors. Although red is an appetite-inducing colour and a stimulator, be extra cautious as not to overuse it.

Certain colour combinations on big brands are no coincidence. For example, the combination of red and yellow or red, yellow and blue (primary colours) can be quite stimulating when used together. In proportion, this colour combination is ideally suited to fast-food restaurants. With the target market in mind being anyone and everyone - in, eat and out. This colour combination is also ideal for smaller fast-food restaurants with limited seating capacity. It allows for rapid customer turnover.

As restaurant interior designers, Surrey, we can offer you professional interior design advice on getting that right colour balance.

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