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Our choice of Award-Winning Hotel & Restaurant Interior Design & Branding

As mentioned in some of our previous blogs, this highly competitive restaurant industry as a whole is no longer just about good food and great service. In fact, good interior design is the number one driving factor to any successful restaurant.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you've got to push the boat out a little and boldly stand out. Check out this list of our top restaurant interior designs which also happens to be multi-award-winning restaurant interior designs. This is our choice of what we refer to as GOOD DESIGN and it has nothing to do with budget or location, but purely good, well calculated and well thought through restaurant interior design irrespective of budget.

Ammo, Admiralty, Hong Kong

Credit where credit is due... this is possibly one of our favourite restaurant interior designs at the moment. This is a fusion Italian and Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong. Designed by the talented Joyce Wang. We love the bold materials used with delicate detailing that work seamlessly with the various layers of lighting. The inspiration of this design was taken from a 1965 film noir masterpiece, Alphaville. The use of copper throughout resembles the sites military explosives manufacturing history. This restaurant interior design is certainly at the top of the list of what we refer to as good design.

Spine Beirut, Lebanon

An award-winning restaurant and bar interior design. With the extra high ceilings, we love how the interior designer here has combined a bold interior architectural structure combined with the lighting design that works in synergy with the bar structure and by doing so seamlessly connects the space to create a sense of balance. The most important part of this restaurant and bar design is, of course, the changing lighting on various circuits to change not only the mood but the overall look and feel of the interior space.

Alice & Fifth, Johannesburg, South Africa

In this bar and restaurant interior design it's all about the mix of both vintage and Victorian styles as well as a mixed-use of various materials and textures.

Hide, London

The first words that come to mind with this restaurant design branding are organic, natural, fluidity and simplicity where the type of food served, food presentation, style and interior design all speak the same language and are on the exact same wavelength. We absolutely love the way the very clever designers have broken out of the "design grid" whilst still remaining within a bigger grid. Brilliant use of mixed materials and textures to show an organic unstructured flow of materials all in sync with each other. Some might say it's a little unstructured in terms of consistency and repetition but we love it nevertheless.



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