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Jessica Lightbody, interior architect and designer in Surrey, England, originally founded in Jersey Channel Islands in 2007. Jessica and the team specialise in working with affluent residential and business clientele. Our wide-ranging portfolio includes businesses in a variety of industries, such as bars, restaurants, five-star resorts, golf courses, pubs, offices, retail stores, and luxury residential spaces. Our competence shines with 17 years of committed experience. We provide thorough and efficient interior architectural and design services in Surrey, UK.

Our impact is felt around the world and includes projects in Jersey, Dubai, and other locations in addition to Surrey. We are primarily interested in interior architecture and design, notably for high-end residential and the hospitality and commercial sectors. Jessica, who has been featured in Bar Magazine, provides hotel, restaurant and bar operators in the UK and the Channel Islands with professional lighting design guidance.

A dedication to remaining current on the newest eco-trends and emphasising sustainable or "green" design approaches in our projects sits at the heart of our ideals. As certified interior designers, we strive to "reduce, reuse, and recycle" as much as we can to support the design movement that places an increasing focus on social and environmental responsibility.

Jessica Lightbody - Interior designer Surrey, will offer advice on a variety of designs by drawing on her in-depth knowledge of many design genres, which range from classic British and French interior architecture to modern and eco-trends. Jessica's area of expertise spans a wide range of projects, especially in Britain's historic architecture and listed buildings, from 17th-century British and French interior architecture and design era styles to the most recent modern and eco-trends. Notably, her key differentiator is her capacity for collaborative spatial planning, which gives her a competitive advantage.

We provide expert guidance on designing listed or historic residential or commercial buildings in Surrey since we are aware of the significant influence a talented interior designer can have on a property's aesthetics and value. Get in touch with us for a free consultation with a skilled interior designer in Surrey who can transform your home or commercial space. Contact Jessica Lightbody, Interior Designer Surrey.

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