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Our focus is on extensive research and critical analysis of the adaptive reuse & remodelling of internal spaces.  We assist in all areas of interior design, from spatial planning, interior design concepts, preparing interior architectural drawings & plans to a full interior design project management service. We cover both residential and commercial design and best known as hotel and restaurant interior designers London and Jersey, 

Interior Decoration, Property Styling, Colour Schemes, Furniture, Fabrics and Colour Schemes.


Interior Decoration covers property styling or staging a property to sell.  We offer our clients professional advice on all aspects ranging from specifying colour schemes and colour psychology to fabrics, furniture supply and accessorising. 

Our past clients range from high-end private residence to styling of luxury restaurants and boutique hotels.  This service is for a residential property, restaurant or hotel looking for a quick makeover.

Commercial Interior Designers London, Hotel, Restaurant, Bar, Club.



We are predominantly commercial, hotel & restaurant interior designers London. We specialise in Interior Architecture & Design within the hospitality sector (bars, clubs, hotels, resorts restaurants & pubs), offices & retail design, undertaking extensive research and critical analysis of the adaptive reuse & remodelling of commercial spaces especially restaurant interior design and historic hotels in London.

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As specialist hotel & restaurant interior designers London, Jessica has previous owned a bar and restaurant  in Central London and has gained first-hand experience in restaurant spatial planning, logistics, branding etc..  Currently 13 years as Hotel and Restaurant interior designers. Featured in Bar Magazine UK (calling in the experts) for professional lighting design advice to hotel, bar and restaurant owners across the UK & Channel Islands.


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Jessica Lightbody and the team are Residential, Hotel & Restaurant interior designers in London and Jersey Channel Islands. Projects range from Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, a 5-Star International Resort, Golf Clubs, Rugby Clubs, Pubs, Offices, Retail and high-end Residential, offering a holistic and cohesive design service of both interior design and branding.  With 13 years experience at the forefront as hotel and restaurant interior designers London.   The portfolio ranges from numerous London, Jersey and international projects, specialising in interior architecture and design predominantly within the hospitality and commercial sectors.  Jessica has been featured in Bar Magazine, offering lighting design advice (calling in the experts) to hotel, restaurant and bar owners across the UK & Channel Islands.   

Responding to an increased call for social and environmental responsibility in design.  The team aims to stay abreast of current eco-trends, whether the ultimate goal is decoration, renovation or conversion.  As an accredited interior designer, Jessica is duty-bound to incorporate sustainable or “green” design with a philosophy to “reduce, reuse and recycle” wherever possible. 


Being qualified and accredited, Jessica and her team are able to advise clients on a vast range of diverse styles from around the globe and styles ranging from as early as 17th century British and French interior architecture & design period styles through to the latest contemporary and eco-trends.  With an abundance of Britain's rich historic architecture and listed buildings scattered throughout the city of London, especially luxury boutique hotels, restaurants and other commercial buildings. The team's USP are their collective spatial planning capabilities which is yet to be challenged.  Having the right interior designer could significantly enhance not only the aesthetics of a property, but it's value.  For professional advice on designing a listed or historic hotel, restaurant or any commercial property or if you simply need residential interior designers in London, get in touch for a no-obligation consultation. 


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Interior Architecture & Design

Over a period of 4 years, Jessica Lightbody began her Interior Architecture & Design studies at KLC School of Design, Chelsea Harbour, London and later graduated with a B.A. (Hons) from Westminster University, London.  


Previously a bar owner and restauranteur in central London, this first-hand experience gives Jessica an in-depth understanding of not just restaurant interior design but the highly competitive restaurant industry in terms of operation, logistics, ergonomics, spatial planning and branding.  Jessica currently has a proven track record of 13 years of hotel and restaurant interior design experience in London, Jersey, Channel Islands and Internationally.  

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