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Design can make or break your establishment, so choosing a hotel interior designer who gets your vision, aim and brand values is crucial.

Good design is good business and can either make or break a commercial establishment, therefore, choosing an interior designer who understands the vision, business objectives, aim and brand values is crucial to the hotel's success.

As qualified and accredited designers, we are able to advise our clients on a vast range of diverse styles from around the globe. Styles ranging from as early as 17th century British and French interior architecture & design period styles through to the latest contemporary and eco-trends. The successful execution of a boutique hotel interior design is having the knowledge to fine-tune every aspect to effortlessly offer the best guest experience. The hotel industry is an extremely competitive market so therefore the hotel design itself cannot just be comfortable and luxurious but needs to stand out from the crowd on many other levels.

With an abundance of Britain's rich historic architecture and listed buildings scattered throughout the city of Jersey, especially luxury boutique hotels, restaurants and other commercial buildings, we can skillfully and seamlessly merge new ideas with local and traditional influences. Having the right interior designer could significantly enhance not only the aesthetics of a property, but it's value. Every hotel in close proximity to each other should have its own unique personality and character to set it apart from the competitor.

We are Hotel Interior Designers, Jersey and London. As hotel designers, our focus is on the all-important guest experience. Taking a closer look..

The hospitality industry is highly crowded in Europe and even more saturated in touristy Jersey. With a multitude of options available on the market, how do travellers and guests differentiate between the various options in the market? What is the psychology that affects purchase decisions when it comes to checking into a hotel?

This is a question that involves the right balance and ultimately the all-important guest experience. A good hotel that can attract repeat guests isn’t an easy thing to achieve. Everything from the type of cloth used on your tables, to the attire of the waiters, to the tiny smudge on the wall that you think no one will notice, it all matters. Running a hotel isn’t an easy task, more so, running a successful hotel.

Challenges faced by hotel owners are quite long and comprehensive;

Large Chains

Hotel owners have long dreaded the opening of such hotels in their locality. These large players come with huge brand awareness that they can effectively leverage to get more guests. Imagine if you were the traveller, would you rather stay at a hotel where you don’t know how the standards are going to be, or would you rather stay at a place that has an international presence.

Lack of design talent

While it’s quite easy to pinpoint talent in other hires that we do, it’s nearly impossible to hire qualified professionals with a proven track record within the interior design industry. Most of the design talent fin their way to the big cities to establish a practice there.

A cost-efficient way to re-design the establishment

The costs involved in designing a website from the ground up are quite prohibitive. After the initial phase of designing is done, purchase of renovation materials, skilled workers to aide in the modifications and permits required are just some of the several different areas you will have to dive into, in order to present your hotel as a credible alternative to the bigger players.

How can professionally qualified designers help you?

There are many ways that a professional interior designer can help you redesign your establishment to improve the experience for your guests.


This is the one thing that is profoundly important when it comes to picking your service provider. As a business owner you know several things now that you didn’t know on the first day you came to work. There are many aspects of employee management, resource allocation even the tone of your voice that you’ve consciously or otherwise changed as a result of input you’ve received in your time running the business. This is true when it comes to designing a hotel as well.

Meticulous Care

Every aspect of your hotel is being closely monitored by your guests, it is only with impeccable and meticulous care, a laser-like focus upon every detail that the hotel will stand out and impress your guests to the level of wanting to both return and become an active advocate of your establishment.

Colour Matters

The colours you use in your establishment leaves a lasting impact on the psyche of your guest, colour needs to be well co-ordinated throughout the establishment so that from the minute the guests enter to the time they check out they will be on a sensory joy ride. The colour of the carpets, the curtains and the table cloth are just some of the many places where the colour will make a drastic impact on the experience of your guests.

Art is Important

Pieces of art in and around your establishment make for an amazing sensory experience for your guests. Ideally, the artwork needs to correspond with your region’s themes, or you could go with a creative theme. In any case, selecting and picking out the theme is the easy part, the selection of appropriate works of art is the difficult part. This requires no less than a team of experts who can go through the countless pieces of art out there to select one that is appropriate for you.

While the hotel sector is competitive and re-designing your establishment can be quite an extensive process, the services of an expert Hotel Interior Designer can go a long way in reducing your effort and increasing the return on investment on the money spent in this endeavour. A professional Hotel Interior Designing Service would reduce the amount of time you spent on this, freeing you up to manage the day to day activities of your business.

Several hotel owners don’t take up the task of re-designing their hotels, primarily due to the erroneous perception that the work involved would be too complicated. Owing to this erroneous perception several business owners don’t even bother to create a well-thought-out business plan and estimate in-order to analyses the cost-benefit ratio.

We are innovative Interior Designers in Jersey, Channel Islands and London

For professional advice on designing a listed or historic hotel, restaurant or any commercial property, get in touch and we can together come up with a plan on how to increase loyalty and quantity of guests. Call today for a no-obligation consultation.

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