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Restaurant Interior Design and the need to feed the heart

When we think restaurant most of us think food, however, those who have been in the industry for decades, know that a restaurant isn’t just a place to eat, it’s an experience in its own right. From the minute guests walk into that restaurant, they need to feel the comfort, ambience, hygiene, sense of belonging and so on..

There is a reason people are prepared to pay excessively for a meal that could potentially cost a fraction elsewhere. The London restaurant industry is highly saturated and incredibly competitive, and as a result, expectations are higher and customers are becoming more and more demanding. The choices of eating establishments are in abundance, to say the least. Similarly, with the hotel sector, restaurants are all about the overall guest experience and appealing to the senses. Touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. Therefore, when considering hiring restaurant interior designers, opt for an interior design company that designs with the senses in mind. Multi-sensory design is a subject to be covered by Interior Designer Jessica Lightbody in another blog article.

Restaurant Interior Design


With restaurant interior design, the ambience involves styling, lighting and mood. The interior design of your restaurant allows your customers to know what to expect from it. A perfectly balanced ambience will justify high prices, whilst the absence thereof will naturally create a perception of low quality and low cost. This needs to be avoided at all costs and the key to that is a well-designed interior space with the right ambience.

Designing restaurant interiors

Designing the interior of a restaurant is painstaking work that involves weeks or possibly months of careful planning and execution. At Jessica Lightbody Interior Design, we will project manage your design from the initial concept, such as hand-drawn sketches, CAD 2D and 3D interior architecture and designs, through to full project coordination.

Coming up with the Basic Design

The very first step, and arguably the most difficult in terms of the pressures of decision-making would be coming up with a design. This is the most important part of the process since here’s where the basic plan is set up. The layout of the Restaurant, together with elements like colour combinations available and building materials used all contribute to the experience of walking into your restaurant. Therefore, coming up with a basic design is extremely significant and needs to be done with the utmost care.

Art Matters

Several boutique Restaurants have rare and oftentimes expensive pieces of art adorning their walls; while this may seem like an unnecessary expense, it greatly changes the look and feel of the place. A piece of art properly selected and placed will easily draw the attention of your customers and impress them to the point by which you could start charging premium rates on your offerings.

Colour Matters

There are numerous studies being conducted into the psychology of colour. These elements need to be carefully analysed, bearing in mind the location. Moreover, there are quite literally thousands of shades out there. When designing an appropriate shade, the Restaurant owners need to compare and analyse the colour’s contrast in the lighting available at the Restaurant. All of this requires meticulous planning for proper execution.

Furniture isn’t just to sit on

The type of chairs and tables used are of profound importance when it comes to improving your customer's experience at your establishment. It is imperative to note that the design of the furniture needs to contrast with that of the surroundings. Often times we find furniture that is completely out of place when placed against the natural backdrop of its surroundings.

These steps are just some of the many you need to take in order to give your Restaurant the kind of premium look and feel that it deserves. It is only with this kind of planning and execution that you will be able to create the kind of customer experience that brings repeat customers. It is this kind of customer experience that will create brand loyalty and turn your customers into advocates of your experience and your brand. It is that kind of brand loyalty that brings rapid expansion. As restaurant owners, you are experts in your field; you know everything there is to know about the restaurant business, most likely because you’ve been doing it for a long time similarly, we are leading restaurant interior designers based in London, and we’ve been doing this a long time, 12 years to be precise. We’ve undertaken several restaurant interior designs.

We have a long list of projects which we’ve already executed and several more in the pipeline. The entire process of designing the interiors of your restaurant may seem like a monumental task. However, we ensure that we do what we are good at, which is designing and you continue to focus on what you are good at, which is the restaurant business.


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