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As hotel and restaurant interior designers, we are involved in every phase of construction or remodelling of a project from conceptual design to implementation.  Our aim is to maximise staff productivity and the convenience of the public utilising the space.  


The health, safety and well-being of all users of the structure are paramount.  On more complex issues, we collaborate with specialists such as architects, structural engineers, contractors, specialist lighting designers, commercial kitchen consultants, acoustics engineers and so forth to ensure a professional execution that meets with British conformity to regulations of all aspects of commercial interior design.  


We believe the successful execution of our projects involve understanding the context of the end-user, enhancing staff productivity and well-being together with a critical understanding of the business objectives. All of the above synchronised harmoniously with function, performance and of course aesthetics, is where our interior decorating flair comes into play. 

Based on past experiences of designing hospitality interiors from hotels, pubs, bars, restaurants to a 5-star hotel and Resort, has allowed us the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of how the industry works and to produce profound concepts within this competitive industry. Restaurant and hotel (hospitality) interior design are essentially marketing through design. The success of any hospitality interior must be directed at the appropriate target market and involves a well researched, in-depth and critical analysis in its own right, with the primary focus being the targeted end-user, especially with restaurant and hotel interior design.   

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