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Creating a hotel-like feel in your home

Interior Design | Luxury High-End Residential Interior Design, Surrey.

How to create a hotel-like interior design feel in your home.

Are you looking for an interior designer in Surrey or expert interior design services in Surrey? Here are some tips to help you achieve a hotel-like interior design feel in your home.

  • Use sizeable bold ceiling-to-floor fitted furniture made bespoke for the interior space. This custom furniture will not only maximise storage but also add a luxurious touch to your home.

  • Create a feature display, section, or wall to add a sense of drama and interest to the room. This focal point can be achieved through the use of unique artwork, statement pieces, or eye-catching decor items.

  • If possible, consult one of our interior designers in Surrey to remove non-structural walls separating the kitchen, living room, and dining room areas. This will create a flexible open planned environment, perfect for daily family activities and entertainment.

  • Consider installing sliding partitions with discrete runners that sit flush to the ceiling and floors. These partitions offer both privacy and the option of an open planned living space.

  • Another option is to replace stud walls with translucent panels, allowing natural sunlight to filter into the other room while creating a larger interior space.

  • Using mirrors strategically can bounce and reflect light, making the interior space appear larger. Incorporate mirrors into your design to create a sense of spaciousness.

  • Choose contrasting colours in materials, textures, accessories, and artwork. Opt for larger pieces of furniture in more muted tones to create an elegant and sophisticated ambience.

  • When planning your lighting design, it's essential to consider the overall layout and furniture configuration. Ideally, collaborate with an interior designer in Surrey during the construction phase to ensure the lighting configuration works harmoniously with your seating plan and furniture arrangement.

  • Create multiple lighting circuits per room, ideally a minimum of three, with rheostats. This will allow you to adjust the lighting levels according to the desired ambience and functionality of each space.

  • Incorporate hidden ambient lighting to accentuate textured architectural features, sculptures, or artwork. This type of lighting adds depth and visual interest to your home.

  • To further enhance the interior design, add large bold pieces of art, pattern, or print. These elements will help create the illusion of a significantly larger space than it actually is.

  • By incorporating these tips and working with one of our experienced interior design professionals in Surrey, you can transform your home into a luxurious sanctuary with a hotel-like interior design feel.

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