Creating a hotel-like feel in your home

How to create a hotel-like interior design feel in your home.

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How to create a hotel-like interior design feel in your home.

Use large bold ceiling to floor fitted furniture that is made bespoke for the interior space. Create a feature display, section or wall to add a sense of drama and interest to the room. If possible, remove non-structural walls separating the kitchen, living room and dining room areas to create a flexible open planned environment to cater for both daily family activities and entertainment. A great way to have both privacy, as well as an open planned living space is by installing sliding partitions which run on discrete runners that sit flush to the ceiling and floors. Alternatively, replace stud walls with translucent panels that allow natural sunlight to filter into the other room whilst creating a bigger interior space. Using mirrors to bounces and reflects light and make the interior space appear double its size. Use contrasting colours in materials, textures, accessories and artwork and opt for larger pieces of furniture in more muted down colours.

Plan your lighting design carefully or ideally at the time the house is being built. The lighting configuration must work in conjunction with your seating plan and furniture configuration. Choose a minimum of three lighting circuits per room with rheostats. Use hidden ambient lighting to accentuate textured architectural features, sculpture or artwork. (For more lighting tips, see my article on lighting design for Bar Magazine, UK.)

Add large bold pieces of art, pattern or print to exaggerate scale and proportion. This creates the illusion space appears larger than it actually is.

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